Dental Implants

We offer world-renowned top quality implant brands at very competitive prices. We combine implants, which are the best alternatives for your lost natural teeth, with stronger and more aesthetic titanium screws, abutments and dental crowns.


  • We offer world famous brand and best quality implants with lifetime warranty.

Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey – Implant Dentistry in Antalya

Although we use top-quality dental implants with a lifetime warranty, dental implant treatments applied in our dental clinic in Turkey are offered at very competitive prices. In our dental clinic, we use the products of implant brands that have proven their quality around the world and benefit from the latest innovations led by technological advances to treat your missing teeth.

In implant dentistry, dental implants are the most effective method for redesigning patients’ missing teeth. The dental implant treatment applied in our dental clinic in Turkey not only restores the missing teeth of patients, but also improves the appearance of the face shape. Thanks to our computer-assisted technologies, we can model the patient's 3D simulation and easily select the most appropriate treatment method. In addition, we also perform painless and bleeding-free implant applications with the help of surgical guides for computer-assisted dental implant placement without the need for surgical procedures.

Screws made of titanium material, which are placed in the jawbone, which the human body considers as its own part over time, and which function as tooth roots, are called 'implant'. Dental implants consist of three parts: Crown, Abutment and Implant. With a dental implant treatment in Turkey, we eliminate the unhealthy and bad appearance caused by your tooth loss and combine aesthetics and durability with top-quality and worldwide renowned brands of dental implants.

As “Attelia Health Tour”, we offer many world-class treatments to our international patients at much more affordable costs.

What are the Advantages of Getting Dental Implants in Turkey?

  • Dental implants are in perfect harmony with natural teeth.
  • Titanium materials, which are not harmful to health and compatible with human tissue, are used in implant treatment.
  • You get a warranty card indicating a lifetime warranty of use.
  • Unlike from dentures, dental implants do not cause difficulty in eating. In this context, they always offer a healthy chewing function.
  • There is no risk of decay of dental implants and the crowns that will be placed thereon.
  • When we compare it with classical dental bridge applications, we can state that the alignment of dental implants is much more practical. That's why you both benefit from a comfortable and painless treatment and experience a more hygienic treatment process.
  • If you have a complete loss of teeth in your lower jaw, you may also experience bone loss in case of a delayed treatment. Dental implant treatment completely eliminates the risk of bone loss.
  • If you have gaps (diastema) between the upper teeth, you may experience slipping problems while using classical prostheses. However, our dental prostheses applied within the scope of cosmetic dentistry and our dental implants are as stable as your natural teeth.
  • You will not experience nausea while using dental implants, and you will not have complaints about your sense of taste.
  • In particular, metal-supported prostheses, which have become outdated and are not applied anymore, cause a grey, metallic colour transition at the gingival and tooth junction. Titanium-supported dental implants, on the other hand, completely eliminate this problem and offer a natural white tooth appearance.
  • Dental implant treatment does not cause deterioration in healthy teeth

After our dental implant treatments, which offer you many advantages, your smile will have a more aesthetic appearance. A beautiful smile is also the key to high self-confidence.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants?

  • Tooth loss caused by periodontal diseases,
  • The formation of an aesthetically disturbing gap between the teeth as a result of tooth loss,
  • The formation of the gap between the teeth only in one place or in a few places,
  • The formation of tooth misalignment caused by tooth extraction,
  • The emergence of problems related to the jawbone as a result of tooth loss,
  • Tooth loss caused by aging,

In such cases, you can get healthy teeth with our dental implant treatment. You can get immediate information and assistance to get high-quality and affordable dental implant treatment in Turkey.

Dental Implant Treatment Procedures

When you decide to come to Turkey and contact us for dental implant treatment, our expert team first creates a free treatment plan for you. Afterwards, the procedures related to your treatment and the total treatment costs are determined.

After coming to our dental clinic in Turkey,

  • A detailed dental examination is carried out for you.
  • In this process, the findings obtained by a panoramic x-ray of your jaw and computed tomography (CT) images are examined by our dental specialists.
  • In the X-ray and scanning procedure, our patients are shown with computer-aided three-dimensional modelling technology what kind of tooth appearance you will have after the surgical procedure.
  • We plan each step of your dental implant treatment before starting with the surgical procedure and we carry out the process in a completely transparent way.
  • Choosing the dental implant design that will best match your jaw structure is one of our top priorities.
  • After this stage, we place the dental implant that best fits your jawbone at the point of tooth loss with needle-free local anaesthesia. It is one of the important criteria for us to ensure that you do not feel pain during the treatment.
  • After the tooth treated with the provisional dental implant is completely healed, we move on to the phase where the permanent dental implant is placed.

Dental Implant Costs in Turkey

Before determining the cost of dental implants in Turkey, it is first examined whether the patient has any other diseases that may prevent dental implant application, and after the selection of the material to be used, the total amount is calculated. In the content of your free and tailor-made treatment plan prepared by our dental specialists when you contact us, the entire cost is determined and notified to you. Apart this cost, no other extra payment is charged to you. The cost of dental implant treatment in Turkey is 60%-70% more affordable than the USA or European countries. You can experience a professional treatment and favourable economic conditions together in Turkey.

General Types of Dental Implants

Despite the information we provide below about the general types of dental implants, we use for our patients the most advanced dental implant types which are worldwide accepted by the authorities.

  • Endosseous Implants: This type of dental implants, also known as endosteal implant, can be applied in the absence of more than one tooth. In this technique, the dental implant is applied directly into the jawbone. It is a preferred type of dental implant today. They are further divided into 3 types: screw-shaped, cylinder-shaped and blade-shaped dental implants. In our endosseous implant applications, aesthetic-looking teeth that reflect natural whiteness can be obtained. It is a type of dental implant that can also be preferred in single tooth loss.
  • Endodontic Implants: This type of dental implants is applied to support the structure of weak teeth. Endodontic implant treatment is applied to create a much more solid jaw substructure for the teeth.
  • Transosseous Implants: This type of dental implants is applied throughout the entire jawbone. They are mostly preferred to eliminate tooth deficiency along the jawbone. Compared to our titanium implant applications, it is not a treatment technique preferred by us since it is a very demanding and conventional method.
  • Subperiosteal Implants: This type of dental implants is prepared by making a measurement over the tooth bone. The biggest advantage of this type of dental implants is that it distributes the chewing force evenly to every point of the jawbone. Designed from a thin metal alloy, the subperiosteal implant has a cage-like appearance. It is applied on top of the bone under the periosteum. It is not a type of dental implant frequently preferred by us. We mostly prefer the treatments deriving from the state-of-the-art technologies. However, it is useful to know that this application is also among types of dental implants.
  • Intramucosal Implants: This type of dental implants is made entirely of titanium materials. It can be said that they are preferred to increase the retention in the prosthesis. It cannot be said that it is a highly preferred type of dental implants today.

Single-tooth Implant Restoration

Single-tooth implant restoration is an implant treatment that is used to replace the missing tooth and is not dependent on other teeth or dental implants. First, an abutment screw is fixed to the dental implant. Then, a crown is attached to the abutment and a fusion is achieved to make the dental implant one piece during the treatment.
It is possible to say that even for single teeth, implant treatment is more robust and healthier than dentures. Our dental specialists in our clinic will guide you correctly for this treatment process. You can contact us immediately to create a free treatment plan.

Recovery Time for Dental Implants

The recovery time is the period required for the dental implants placed by us in the jawbone to fuse with the bone. In the recovery period, the bone structure of our patients is of great importance. The recovery time may vary depending on patient's genetic predisposition and the quality of care in recovery process. Our titanium implant applications provide the most ideal conditions during the recovery process by achieving a perfect harmony with the jawbone. The recovery process depends on the method used, recovery time of bone, and correct planning in tooth restoration. In this context, we create the most advantageous conditions for our patients by planning the most appropriate treatment for you.

What Kind of Dental Implant Complications Can Occur?

First of all, we perform a detailed and extremely careful treatment process in order to avoid any complications in our patient during and after the dental implant treatment. Since the development of the jawbone is not completed in patients under the age of 18, we do not apply any dental implant treatment and we examine in detail the medical records and findings of patients, especially patients with diabetes. Because the main reason for complications during and after the treatment is the applications that are done incorrectly and without having information about the patient's anamnesis.

Choosing the right dental clinic, a professional team and an experienced dental specialist is very important in dental implant treatment. In case you get a dental implant treatment in improper dental clinics and in the hands of non-specialized dentists, the following complications may occur during and after the treatment:

  • Redness after dental implant treatment,
  • Swelling,
  • Inflammation due to the fall of the improperly placed dental implant,
  • Infection as a result of negligence of hygiene,
  • Horizontal and vertical bone loss or soft tissue loss caused by mistreatment.

Do Dental Implants Cause Pain?

Dental Treatment Privileges in Turkey

  • Free Consultation and Check Up
  • Free Panoramic X-Ray (2D Scan)
  • Free Volumetric Tomography (3D Scan)
  • Computer-Aided Treatment Opportunities
  • Local and General Anesthesia Options
  • Free VIP Transfer Service
  • FDA & CE Approved Latest Technology Devices
  • Experienced Dentists and Team
  • Well Prepared Tourism & Health Packages
  • Free Accommodation & Tour Opportunities (Only in Some Packages)
  • Covid Secure & Hygenic Treatment
  • Translator Support in Your Language

The dental implants do not cause any pain during the treatment. Especially patients with dentophobia can easily overcome this in our treatment process. After applying local anaesthesia with or without needles, we proceed with the surgical procedure. In this context, you can complete the process without feeling any pain or ache during the surgical procedure. Our dental implants, which will achieve the most ideal harmony with your jawbone, offer a comfortable recovery process for you.

In the recovery phase, low-intensity pain may be experienced as a result of the surgical procedure. In this process, it is also important to pay attention to the oral hygiene. It plays a key role in the recovery process of the dental implant treatment. 

How Many Sessions Are Required For a Dental Implant Treatment?

The number of sessions required in dental implant treatment is considered as 2-3 days, however it may vary depending on some factors. In this process, dental implants and temporary crowns are placed. It is expected that the dental implant and the jawbone fully fuse in a period of 2 to 6 months. After the final check, you complete the session in our dental clinic.

Our location offers you a great holiday opportunity. You will have the opportunity to experience the historical texture and cultural heritage of Antalya. You can have a great time on the world-famous beaches of Antalya and taste the flavours of Turkish cuisine. For this enjoyable experience, Attelia Health Tour offers you every opportunity.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants have a lifetime of use. Accordingly, you can use your chewing and eating functions completely and normally.

Dental implants are not affected by conditions such as decay. However, the continuous consumption of alcohol and cigarettes for a long time after getting dental implants, may have an effect on the lifetime of dental implants. We can recommend that you pay attention to your oral hygiene after the treatment, and if you have excessive stress-related clenching problems, you can get support within the scope of our treatment.

How Long are Dental Implants Guaranteed?

The warranty of Dental Implants is registered with the lifetime warranty certificate we offer you after applying our dental implant treatment. You should know that after our dental implant treatment, you can use your new teeth with peace of mind for a lifetime.

Are Dental Implants Suitable for Body Health?

Dental implants are designed from titanium. The titanium-made dental implants used in our dental clinic are compatible with human health and achieve the best combination with the jawbone. They allow you to comfortably fulfil the chewing function while consuming food after the recovery process. They do not cause the problems of loosening like dentures and feeling of excess in the mouth. They completely eliminate discolouration problem, i.e. grey colour transition caused by the metal prosthesis on the tooth.

Importance of Dental Implant Brand in Implant Treatment

The dental implant brands used in implant treatment are very important in terms of dental health. Since the titanium material is in harmony with the mouth, dental implants made entirely of titanium are considered much healthier. As Attelia Health Tour, we do not use dental implants other than the best implant brands that are worldwide accepted and have proven its quality all over the world. Working with top-quality dental implant brands is one of the most important matters prioritized by us in dental implant treatments. We use the following dental implant brands in our dental clinic:

  • Alpha-Bio Implant
  • Straumann
  • Nobel Biocare 
  • Dentsply

What is the Place of Dental Implant Treatment in Turkish Dental Tourism?

The place of the dental implant in the dental tourism in Turkey symbolizes a very important point. In our dental clinic located in Turkey, we apply lifetime guaranteed dental implant treatments under much more economical conditions than prices in foreign countries. In our treatment process, where patient satisfaction is prioritized, we benefit from completely technological equipment. Just for dental implant treatment, thousands of tourists visit Antalya and, in particular, our partner clinic every month. When we take a look at dental tourism in Turkey, it is seen that there is an intensive flow of patients from England, America, Europe and Australia. That’s why professional treatment conditions are offered in Turkey with dental surgeons who are experts in their fields and have achieved successful results.

Please ask for your free treatment plan now for affordable and high-quality treatment!