Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is a treatment that we provide to have the most ideal smile in accordance with the face, mouth and jaw structure of the person. You can have the new smile of your dreams with technological equipment and award-winning physicians.


  • Smiling like a hollywood star is now much easier with our specialist physicians.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

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Hollywood smile applications in Turkey can give you a whiter, more aesthetic and wonderful smile, just like Hollywood stars. After the completion of this procedure, an improvement is achieved in your smile, your face looks younger and your self-confidence increases.

In the terminological sense, Hollywood Smile refers to a procedure that aims to create an optimum smile design by bringing the size, shape, colour and other features of your teeth to the desired size so that your teeth look aesthetically most beautiful and natural in your mouth.

“Smile Like Hollywood Stars”

While designing your smile, we use advanced technologies such as CAD-CAM and examine many criteria with an absolute precision. With our computer-aided 3D modelling techniques, we obtain a projection in advance what kind of smile the patient will have, taking into account the whole life of the patient, such as the person's age, face proportion, mouth structure, and occupation. In this way, we prevent problems that may occur after smile design.

Hollywood Smile procedure can include more than one treatment. For this procedure, we can also benefit from a combination of dental crowns, dental implants, veneers, dental bridges and aesthetic fillers. It may even be necessary from time to time to benefit from supportive treatments such as root canal treatment, tooth extraction and cosmetic procedures. It is a completely tailor-made treatment method.

What is the Hollywood Smile Design?

Hollywood Smile, or smile makeover, is a treatment method that includes all the cosmetic dentistry procedures you need to have an aesthetic smile. Since the main thing here is not to perform a single application, but to make you have a great smile, the aim is to apply all the requirements you need in the healthiest way.

While designing your teeth within the scope of Hollywood Smile, we focus on making your teeth perfect in terms of shape and colour. We apply a series of procedures to change the size, colour and position of your teeth in accordance with the aesthetic proportion. If your gums appear uncomfortably wide when you smile, we perform the necessary aesthetic gum surgery, such as gingivoplasty. After all these procedures, we ensure that you have a very attractive, young and dynamic smile.

What Methods Are Used to Design a Hollywood Smile?

  • In our treatments within the scope of cosmetic dentistry, we first treat any health problems (caries, inflammation, gum disease, etc.) in your teeth, if any. After bringing your teeth to the desired state in terms of health, we start to apply our cosmetic procedures.
  • In the Hollywood smile procedure, we also benefit from applications such as computer-aided 3D imaging technologies, Ray-Set, laser technologies.
  • Dental Crowns: If you need an application that will cover the entire tooth for an aesthetic smile, we apply dental crowns. The dental crowns are in the form of a cap that keeps your tooth closed. Prepared with a high similarity to veneers in appearance, dental crowns eliminate the defects in your teeth. They are ideal materials for creating a natural and aesthetic smile.
  • Dental Veneers: We use dental veneers to restore a healthy appearance to chipped, worn, cracked and stained teeth. With porcelain, laminate, zirconia veneers, we provide you with bright white teeth that will offer you a natural tooth appearance.
  • Gingivoplasty: Treating your teeth alone may not be enough at times for a perfect smile. If you have an overly gummy-looking smile, we create a gingival appearance that will be suitable for you with the gingivoplasty method.
  • Dental Implants: If you have tooth loss, dental implants are included in our basic materials to be used for aesthetic smile design. We apply titanium-made dental implants that provide full adaptation to the jawbone, and make zirconia porcelain teeth that will receive support from them. We use dental implants of worldwide renowned brands, which are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty card.
  • Dental Bridges: If necessary, dental bridges can also be used in the smile design procedure.
  • If necessary, we also apply supportive treatments such as root canal treatment and laser treatment, and treatments for gingival diseases.

Applied with a holistic approach, the Hollywood Smile procedure is a treatment method that includes more than one treatment and requires advanced experience and expertise.  

Why Hollywood Smile?

In brief, the Hollywood Smile gives you a perfect smile expression. In this smile design procedure, we ensure that your facial features are compatible with teeth and gums. As you know, the measure called the golden ratio is very important in achieving a beautiful and aesthetic appearance. While designing the Hollywood smile, we design the shapes and sizes of your teeth proportionally to your facial features. In order to achieve a realistic and natural look and have teeth that are compatible with your facial features, you should choose a Hollywood smile.
On the other hand, Hollywood Smile defines a dynamic, charismatic, sexy, business, attractive smile expression. It increases the self-confidence of the person and is also beneficial for smiling more easily and frequently. Even in social life, smile is a very important body language expression. An aesthetically beautiful smile can change many things in a person's life. You can choose the Hollywood smile design as it offers a striking smile that will remove the tired look in the facial expression.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Hollywood Smile?

  • The Hollywood smile designed in our dental clinic offers you the advantage of using dental veneers in natural tooth whiteness.
  • You get the advantage of having a younger and more dynamic smile.
  • Before the application, you will have the chance to see the smile design you will have at the end of the procedure applied in our dental clinic as a 3D model.
  • If you have problems with your teeth and gums, you can get rid of them during the Hollywood smile procedure.
  • You have the chance to get rid of all dental problems such as tooth loss, fracture, tooth decay, tooth gap, fused tooth appearance, overly gummy-looking smile, and crooked, discoloured and stained tooth.
  • In Hollywood smile design, veneers and dental implants distribute the chewing force evenly to your jawbone. In this respect, you gain an effective bite force.



  • Disadvantages in smile design arise due to wrong practices. Our primary goal is to protect you from disadvantages in our professional treatments.
  • If an incorrect application was made while getting a dental implant for your Hollywood smile, you may experience soft tissue loss in the jawbone.
  • If dental implants and veneers are not fixed in their ideal shape, you may experience problems such as veneer falling off.
  • If the maintenance is not done regularly and correctly, it may cause problems in the future.
  • The quality of the materials used is very important, we do not use and recommend poor quality materials.

As can be seen, the Hollywood smile is a treatment with many advantages in general, and many of the disadvantages are related to dental clinic or mistreatment. If you are looking for a dental clinic that will apply the Hollywood smile procedure in the safest and most accurate way and follow the entire treatment process professionally, you can contact us right away.

Hollywood Smile Procedure in Turkey 

The matters we take as basis in terms of the procedure are as follows:

  • We first analyse your teeth and mouth structure within the scope of the procedure and perform a medical examination.
  • Our second procedure is to take your dental x-ray, transfer it to the computer and make the necessary modelling.
  • We base our procedures on computer-aided tooth measurements and 3D modelling for veneers. All measurements made and all data collected are analysed and processed in our own laboratories.
  • On the other hand, we explain all treatment methods, which will be applied to you according to the treatment plan in order to offer you a Hollywood smile, to you in advance and present them to you.
  • If you have caries and inflammation problems in your teeth, we first treat them.
  • If you have tooth loss, we apply dental implant treatment.
  • We apply dental veneers for your teeth with chipped edges and cracks and not responding to the teeth whitening procedure.
  • We apply teeth whitening procedure in order to achieve full compatibility with dental veneers for healthy and natural teeth.
  • When a work that will protect the entire tooth is required, we apply a treatment with dental crowns.
  • One of our procedures is also to apply a treatment with dental implants with warranty card that are worldwide accepted and have a highly expensive price in foreign countries, at affordable prices (depending on the patient’s need for dental implants).
  • In the post-treatment process, we provide the patient with the necessary information about routine care.  

What is the Cost of Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

Since the smile design is prepared on an individual basis, it is not possible to specify a certain cost, the price varies according to the treatment needed by the patient. However, the cost of Hollywood smile in Turkey is very competitive compared to other countries and it is possible to have a smile design with 60% more advantageous price options.

Some of our packages includes free accommodation and free tour opportunities. Get information now.


What Are the Consequences of Hollywood Smile Design?

  • Perfect, pearly white tone on teeth,
  • Getting dental veneers that prevent discolouration in the long term,
  • Elimination of tooth gaps,
  • Regaining self-confidence,
  • Realignment of the gum line,
  • Elimination of disproportion in anterior teeth
  • Elimination of bad breath caused by caries
  • Repair of broken and cracked teeth,
  • Getting rid of tooth sensitivity,
  • Having a striking smile, which is proportional to facial features,
  • Having a more photogenic expression with your new smile,

Our dental clinic is one of the most suitable addresses for Hollywood Smile, also known as Smile Makeover and smile design. It not only opens the doors of a wonderful holiday for you due to its geographical location, but also allows you to have a healthy treatment process with its professional team, international recognition and guarantees. We offer all of these to you at very reasonable costs. Contact us now to benefit from all the advantages of Hollywood smile procedure and to get more detailed information!