Autologous fat injection on the whole face is an aesthetic surgery in which the fatty tissue taken by the patient himself is injected on these areas to give volume to the sunken parts of the face. Autologous fat injections procedure should certainly be performed by a plastic reconstructive surgery specialist. Otherwise, the surgery may not meet the patient's expectations and undesirable results may occur.

What is autologous fat injection?

Autologous fat injection is the procedure in which fat tissue taken from the patient's own body is applied to the patient's face with sedation (twilight sleep) or anaesthesia when fat deposits are lost from the person's face. Using special cannulas, fat tissue is taken from the patient's body, purified, and transferred to the face by injection.

Who is suitable for an autologous fat injection?

Those who have autologous fat injections are usually those who want to achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance in a part of their body. To achieve a fuller and more vibrant appearance, fat injections can be used on the entire face. People who want an aesthetically pleasing appearance and a more expressive posture on their face can have autologous fat injections done by experienced surgeons.

What kind of procedure is autologous fat injection?

Autologous fat injection is basically the procedure of taking fat tissue from one part of the person's body and transferring it to another tissue. To achieve the highest quality and optimal results in autologous fat injections, which are common in aesthetic surgeries, the assistance of experienced doctors should be sought. 

In the fat injection procedure, fat tissue is first removed from a part of the patient's body and subjected to purification. Fat tissue purification is a procedure performed by aesthetic surgeons using state-of-the-art equipment. After this stage, the fat cells, which are cleaned using special techniques and special cannulas, are injected into the patient's face. All these procedures are performed under the control of an experienced plastic surgeon. In order to achieve the best results from such surgeries, the assistance of a plastic reconstructive and plastic surgeon must be sought.

How long is the healing process after autologous fat injections?

The healing process after facial autologous fat injections usually takes one or more weeks. In some cases, a longer time may be required after the injection of fat tissue. After this procedure, the affected individuals begin to return to their normal social life within a few weeks. The success of autologous fat injection depends on the survival of the fat tissue and cells injected into the face. 

Is the autologous fat injection permanent?

Fat injection is not a completely permanent procedure. Specifically, some of the fat tissue applied by the plastic surgeon melts within 1 or 1 ½ months after injection. However, the remaining portion can have a lasting effect for a lifetime. With autologous fat injections, the layers of fat that will melt and are expected to remain permanent can be planned and adjusted in advance. Therefore, the permanence rate for autologous fat injections can be determined based on both the patient's expectations and the experience of the expert surgeon. 

How long does the whole face autologous fat injection take?

Autologous fat injections are completed in an average of 30 to 60 minutes for applications to the entire face. Even if local anaesthesia is used, such aesthetic applications must be performed in a sterile operating room environment. For successful application of autologous fat injections throughout the face, the assistance of experienced plastic surgeons should be sought.