Medical Aesthetic Practices in Turkey (Ultralight peel, Chemical Peel, Carbon Peel)

Beautiful, bright, spotless and healthy skin is everyone's dream. In order to have such a skin, it is very important to take care of the skin regularly and correctly. Although the outermost layer of the skin, the "epidermis", is responsible for keeping us away from chemicals, radiation, microorganisms and air pollution, it is our duty to take good care of this protective layer with some procedures. One of these methods is 'peeling'. Thus, a smoother, radiant, clean and healthy skin is created. 

Peeling is a procedure that can be applied to all age groups and genders. The skin is cleansed of dead skin and given a fresh, new look. In some cases, peeling can be prepared at home from organic, natural products, but in a professional environment, the effect of peeling with professional equipment and materials will be different. Peeling also provides the separation of dead cells from the skin, giving the skin a more lively and youthful appearance. It allows you to renew your skin and is a non-invasive procedure. Regular peeling application is recommended to rejuvenate the skin as well as to gain a fresher appearance.

How is Peeling applied in Turkey?

Applying peeling to the skin is a simple but effective method. Although peeling can be applied to different parts of the skin, people generally apply peeling to the face area. Peeling is a method applied to the face with special mixtures, masks and devices. It is used for moisturizing the skin, removing dead skin and rejuvenating it. There can be many microbes that penetrate the skin from the outside during the day. No matter how good and regular skin care is, the body needs peeling. While applying, it is penetrated into the body with light massage techniques and then cleaning and rinsing should be done. 

Why should a Peeling Treatment regularly be done?

Although there are many different reasons for peeling, the main reason is to make the skin look fresh. Apart from this;

  • Cleanses skin impurities
  • Lifting sagging skins
  • Removes wrinkles
  • Provides a more youthful appearance
  • Improves skin quality
  • Clears facial blemishes
  • Minimizes sun damage to the skin
  • Makes skin glow
  • Makes skin softer
  • Cleans the pores.

Who should not have peeling procedure?

Peeling can be applied to everyone, but the person should not be allergic to the substances in the peeling. Peeling may not be recommended for breastfeeding women, pregnant women and people with uncontrolled diabetes.

What are the Peeling Types We Apply in Turkey;

  • Carbon Peel
  • Ultralight Peel
  • Chemical Peel

What is Carbon Peel?

Carbon peeling is a procedure that can be applied to many people. It is among the organic methods and increases the efficiency of the skin. People who are uncomfortable with their pores and want to minimize them can have carbon peeling. In addition, those who want to tighten their skin, those who want a younger look and those who want to remove their spots can have carbon peeling.

What is Ultralight Peel?

Ultralight Peel is applied to lighten the colour of many spots such as sunspot on the skin. It prevents the formation of new spots on the skin and lightens the colour of existing spots, bringing them closer to the skin tone. Ultralight peel application, which provides a brighter appearance by regulating the melanin balance, can be applied to everyone. 

What is Chemical Peel?

Chemical peel causes human skin to look healthier and smoother. It cleans the skin by improving its texture and provides a bright appearance. In addition, it can be applied not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to remove scars. There are different types of peeling application and these types are determined according to the needs of the person and applied directly to the skin. 

The cost of chemical peeling applications in Turkey is more affordable than in many developed countries. In addition, people who will have chemical peeling should not have certain skin diseases. Your doctor will already guide you, but it may not be recommended for people with diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.
Before chemical peeling, the area to be peeled should be thoroughly cleaned and made suitable for the procedure. Chemical peeling may require a day or two of rest, depending on the application. While applying deep chemical peeling, local anaesthesia is also used; may require regular use of painkillers and complications may persist for several weeks. It is more recommended for people with dark skin because it can lighten the skin colour permanently.

You can choose peeling applications to remove and renew the dead skin. Professional peeling applications that will accelerate your blood flow, make you have a more aesthetic and youthful appearance and do not involve any surgical intervention are applied by specialist physicians within the body of Attelia Health Tour.

Professional peeling applications that do not require any surgical intervention, which will accelerate your blood flow and make you have a more aesthetic and youthful appearance, are applied by specialists within the body of “Attelia Health Tour”.