Fractional Co2 Laser – Aesthetic Practices in Turkey

Fractional carbon dioxide laser is a treatment applied especially for medical reasons. Fractional carbon dioxide laser is one of the methods used to renew the skin. Since it’s a non-surgical procedure, which is often preferred. The process is completed in a short time and is effective for a long time. It can be done again after it loses its effect. It should be done in a reliable and professional place. Although it is applied to anyone who wants fractional carbon dioxide laser application, it is generally recommended for people over 30 years old. It is recommended for adults for reasons such as the skin structure is developed and the completion of the adolescence period. Fractional carbon dioxide laser should be applied in professional and experienced clinics. Get a free quote now for the aesthetic applications we apply in our clinic in Turkey.

What is Fractional Co2 Laser?

Fractional carbon dioxide laser is among the non-surgical treatments. Although it is made for aesthetic purposes, it can also be used as an alternative in the treatment of different health problems and diseases. It is specially used in the removal of acne and chaps on the skin. It is a procedure applied to prevent damage to the skin and to prevent skin sagging. It is possible to say that it is useful for tightening the skin and obtaining a youthful appearance. It is frequently preferred by many people. Fractional carbon dioxide laser is a treatment used especially in wound treatments. It’s possible to cure the problems that occur in the skin with treatments. Fractional laser treatment is actually an application that has been done for many years, but fractional carbon dioxide laser application has become popular in recent years and it is an improved version of the fractional laser application. In the old method, wounds and rashes, that is, complications in general, could take a little longer. It was known that the healing process took longer in traditional laser treatments. Fractional carbon dioxide laser, on the other hand, applies the pulses it applies under the skin with microsecond processes, as a new generation technology, and the harm can be said to be negligible. Therefore, choosing the new technology and choosing this application is much more positive both for the clinic and for the person to whom the application is made. One of the advantages of clinics that follow up-to-date techniques and state-of-the-art technology is to satisfy the person to whom the application is made in a much healthier and faster way, as can be seen here. As “Attelia Health Tour”, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

How is Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Applied in Turkey?

Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser treatment is applied with the laser system. First of all, the points where the application will be made and their surroundings are completely cleaned with the principle of maximum sterilization. Immediately after, local anaesthesia is applied if our specialist physician deems it necessary. The treatment is started by penetrating the laser system into the area to be applied. By means of its technological advantages and development, Fractional CO2 Laser treatments can also touch deeper points of the tissue at a wavelength of 10650 nm compared to other lasers. The session is completed with the laser applied directly on the scars. The use and adjustment of the laser should be done by experts. Different adjustments can be made depending on the reason for application (pimples, stretch marks, scars and other skin blemishes. Additional treatments may also be recommended. After the laser application, it may be necessary to apply the controls and protection methods recommended by the doctor. It is normal to experience redness for a few days and crusting for three to five days after the application. The number of sessions can be increased depending on the demand of the person to be treated and the number and depth of wrinkles and pimples.

How Long Does the Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Session We Perform in Turkey Last?

The number of sessions of the fractional carbon dioxide laser is determined by different factors. While determining the number of sessions, the area to be treated and the purpose of the application are taken into consideration. Sessions repetition is determined based on acne, scars, cracks and other skin blemishes. For Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser, minimum 1 and maximum 5 sessions are sufficient. If the scar is very deep and difficult to heal, then increasing the number of sessions can be discussed in detail.

How Long Does the Effect of Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Last?

Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser is a permanent treatment method. Re-formation of scars in the applied area is prevented. However, it cannot be said whether it will be permanent or not for scars that may appear in different places later, such as acne. In such cases, fractional carbon dioxide laser application can be re-applied. However, it is necessary to decide on this with an expert and to follow the process.

What are the Benefits of Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser?

The benefits of fractional carbon dioxide laser application are as follows:

  • Provides removal of skin scars
  • Makes skin look smooth and trouble-free unproblematic
  • Prevents skin chaps 
  • Removes wrinkles
  • Provides skin regeneration
  • Provides removal of acne and other hormonal scars that occurred during puberty
  • It helps to get rid of blemishes such as acne and blackheads.

In the treatment of which kind of diseases is Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser applied?

There are many factors among the diseases in which Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser is applied. It is a treatment applied especially for the removal of cuts and scars after surgery. Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser treatment is simple and applied with special devices. It is used in the treatment of cracks, sunspots, birthmarks and similar scars. It is important that fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment be applied in reliable clinics.

Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Costs

As it is known, Turkey is one of the most important health tourism centres in the world. There are many important reasons for this:

  • Internationally renowned and award-winning clinics and doctors
  • Latest generation technological devices and equipment
  • Much more affordable costs compared to other developed countries
  • Geographical accessibility
  • Great opportunities for historical, cultural and 4-season holidays
  • Optimum level of hospitality and patient satisfaction

These are some of the reasons why Turkey is an important health tourism centre.

As for the costs, fractional laser and fractional carbon dioxide laser costs much more affordable in Turkey compared to other countries. Do not misguided by this situation; you can be sure that the latest technologic devices and highly professional equipment are used by our professionals.

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