Aesthetic Practices in TURKEY

Scarlet SRF in Turkey is a procedure that covers the treatment of skin problems, the repair of wounds and the treatment of spots and warts. Radiofrequency technology forms the basis of this treatment. Factors such as signs of aging and skin disorders that occur due to various environmental conditions can be improved with Scarlet SRF.

What is Scarlet SRF?

Scarlet SRF (Golden Needle Treatment) is a procedure called "fractional radio frequency procedure" that covers skin improvement activities. Fractional radio frequency wave reduces the power and effect of the laser by spreading it to different points for the skin. In other words, if the laser penetrates into a single point area, it can damage the skin. This loss is minimized due to the fact that it is fractional. In the gold needle treatment, the fractional radio frequency device with gold tips touches the skin and sends frequencies under the skin. By stimulating the skin, they trigger collagen production. In order to prevent skin deformations as well as skin problems due to excessive alcohol and cigarette consumption, Scarlet SRF applications are performed to create a smooth skin.

How is the Scarlet SRF applied?

The application methods of Scarlet SRF treatment are as follows:

  • Your skin type and skin problems are examined in detail by a specialist dermatologist and a preliminary examination is made.
  • The place where the Scarlet SRF treatment will be applied is decided by the specialist in the field.
  • Anaesthetic cream is applied to the area where the procedure will be performed; Local anaesthesia can also be applied when deemed necessary.
  • Gold needles deliver radio frequencies to the skin under the guidance of a physician and have a positive effect on the skin.
  • Treatment is carried out in sessions. In order to see a really good effect, we usually recommend 3 sessions, but this may vary according to the expectation. Our experts will guide you in this regard.
  • Session times that do not require surgical intervention can vary from 30 to 45 minutes. No hospitalization is required after the application.

Is Scarlet SRF Treatment a Painful Process?

There is no feeling of pain during Scarlet SRF Treatment. Before the treatment, the skin is cleaned and local anaesthesia is applied. Therefore, ache or pain formation does not occur during the application.

What are the side effects of Scarlet SRF Treatment?

Side effects that may occur in Scarlet SRF treatment are as follows:

  • Local redness may occur shortly after the application.
  • Oedema formation may be observed on the skin.
  • Small bruises may occur in the areas above the veins.
  • Although rare, herpes formation can be observed. This is a condition that often occurs in people with low body resistance.

How Long Does the Effect of Scarlet SRF Treatment Last?

Things to know about the effect of Scarlet SRF treatment are as follows:

  • The effect duration of the treatment may vary from person to person.
  • In addition, conditions such as the area where the application is made, nutritional status, smoking or alcohol use can also affect the metabolic activities, so they can also change the treatment process.
  • The effect duration for Scarlet SRF Treatment can vary between at least 1 year and at most 2 to 3 years. 

For whom is Scarlet SRF Treatment suitable?

The Scarlet SRF Treatment is suitable for everyone. Since there is no risk of complications, there is no situation that may cause side effects. Since the aim of the treatment is skin improvement and anti-aging, it is generally suitable for people aged 30 and over.

What are the Benefits of Scarlet SRF Treatment?

The benefits of Scarlet SRF Treatment are as follows:

  • It is often preferred for skin improvements.
  • It is used in spot treatments.
  • It provides effective results for wart treatment.
  • It tightens the pores.
  • It is used to remove chaps in the skin.
  • It is used to improve sagging in the neck, décolleté and face area.
  • It is suitable for acne treatment.

What are the Advantages of Scarlet SRF Treatment?

The advantages of Scarlet SRF Treatment are as follows:

  • No flaking, denudation or crusting occurs after the treatment.
  • The effect period starts from the beginning of the treatment.
  • It can be applied in summer.
  • It is not a surgical intervention.
  • It has a quick effect.
  • The probability of complications is low, and the complications are generally mild.
  • Not only an aesthetic operation but also beneficial in terms of health.
  • It is a form of treatment suitable for all skin types and skin colours.
  • Complications are unlikely to occur, and when they do, they are usually mild.

How Much Does the Scarlet SRF Treatment Cost?

The price information of Scarlet SRF Treatment varies according to the application areas. All factors such as how many sessions the procedure will take, the method of application, the scope of treatment regarding which improvements will be made will be decisive in determining the cost of the treatment. You can immediately get a free quote for the cost of gold needle treatment. It can be said that Scarlet SRF Treatment is much more affordable in Turkey than the other countries. 

Due to the general economic structure, it is possible for you to get this treatment with high quality and affordable prices in Turkey.

For whom is Scarlet SRF Treatment not suitable?

People for whom gold needle treatment is not recommended are as follows:

  • Those who have open wounds and infected areas on their skin.
  • Those with skin diseases such as psoriasis, rosea
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • People with a history of cancer.
  • Scarlet SRF Treatment is not recommended for people with pacemakers. 

People with such problems should inform their doctor when they apply for treatment.