Hip augmentation surgery is an aesthetic procedure to correct deformed, sagging and loosened hip tissue. Rounded, fresher, and younger looking hips are created through various surgical tightening methods and hip implants. This procedure also tightens the thigh tissue. Choosing a specialist for hip augmentation surgery eliminates any potential risk issues.

What is hip augmentation surgery?

People who are not happy with their appearance may resort to surgical procedures to address aesthetic concerns. What one should know about hip augmentation is as follows:

  • In this aesthetic method, the procedure is performed using the person's own fat.
  • This procedure is done for small hips or to improve sagging that occurs after a large weight loss.
  • People with genetically flat buttocks may prefer this surgery to have a full hip type with curves.
  • Different techniques may be preferred during the application phase of the surgery.

What is the limit of buttock lift for hip augmentation?

People with aesthetic concerns about the hip area are examined by our specialists and a plan of procedure is made by deciding on the procedure to be performed and the size of the implant. At this point, the determination of the limit of buttock lift in hip augmentation is as follows:

  • Patient needs are analysed by the doctor and the process is planned.
  • The aesthetic procedures for hip augmentation are performed according to the patient's expectations and the amount of fat in the body.
  • In this phase, it is an important detail for the patient's psychology that the expectations are openly discussed. 
  • After the consultation, the doctor determines how much fat should be removed and at what location.
  • For the operation, fat tissue is taken from the waist, thighs, or abdomen. Fats removed by liposuction are injected into the hip area. 
  • The incisions made for the procedure are about 2 to 3 mm. The incisions, which can be hidden in the hip folds, disappear over time. 
  • After all these procedures, performed under general anaesthesia, patients can be discharged the following day.

How is hip augmentation performed?

It is very important to prepare the patient for the hip augmentation surgery with a proper procedure before the surgery to avoid complications after the surgery. The operation is basically performed with many techniques. Depending on the method of application, the effect and duration also differ. 

Hip augmentation with autologous fat;

  • Hip augmentation with autologous fat injection is a procedure in which fat cells are removed by liposuction usually from the abdominal, hip and waist areas where fat tissue is dense.
  • The procedure is completed by injecting body fat into the buttock area using an injector or thin cannula. 
  • This is to achieve the desired appearance of the patient. 
  • The surgery takes an average of 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.
  • It is performed in a hospital setting under local anaesthesia. 
  • After the procedure, the person does not feel any pain. 
  • Normal daily life can be resumed the same day after the procedure.

Hip augmentation with implant;

  • One of the aesthetic methods of hip augmentation is the implant technique.
  • If the person's body has too little fat, a silicone buttock implant is used.
  • Buttock silicones, which are used in the same way as breast silicones, differ only anatomically.
  • A small incision is made in the person's tailbone and the silicone implant is placed in the buttock muscles. After this procedure, an upright, full and large hip is obtained.
  • As the implants are inside the muscle, they cannot be felt from the outside or when touched with the hand.
  • Because the incision for the surgery is in the tailbone area, there is no prominent scar.
  • These butt silicones, which have similar properties to breast silicones, are made with advanced technology. For this reason, it can be used for a lifetime and there are no problems.
  • According to all kinds of tests and research, there is no case that has a negative impact on the health.

Considering all these cases, the person can choose the most suitable method for himself in the consultation with the doctor and the necessary procedures for hip augmentation can be initiated. At this point, a hassle-free process is experienced with the choice of a specialist in the field.