Medical Aesthetic Practices in Turkey

Over time, the moisture balance of our skin deteriorates due to age, stress, sun exposure or other reasons. When the skin loses its moisture balance, it creates problems such as wrinkles, fading in skin color and making the person look older than they are. Especially in our skin, the amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen decreases over the years, resulting in a dull and dry appearance. These problems can be resolved naturally, without surgery, with today's technology. There are some effective ways to replace these diminished skin building blocks, we can hold injections under the skin as an example, and "Jalupro Youth Serum" is one of them.

It is one of the most popular and effective youth serums that provide the minerals and vitamins that the skin needs. The ingredients of this serum, which is applied around the face, are of very high quality. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, Jalupro youth serum is also rich in amino acids. The fact that it can provide the beneficial effects that the skin may need together gives the serum a privilege. Jalupro, which has beneficial active ingredients, is effective in moisturizing the skin, brightening it and reducing the signs of aging.

Jalupro Youth serum is in two forms as “Classic” and “HMW” according to the needs of the skin and is applied by injecting under the skin. Classic is lighter, while HMW has a denser form. Both forms contain collagen constituent amino acids and hyaluronic acid. 

Jalupro HMW, which has a high content density, is more effective for people with an advanced age factor. The Classic form is used for middle-aged patients whose skin isn’t much worn-out. Which type will be used is determined by the specialist. The number of sessions is also one of the points that should be decided together with the specialist.

The main benefits of the serum after a successful application are as follows:

  • By increasing the synthesis of collagen, wrinkles on the face are reduced.
  • Itching, chaps and dull appearance caused by skin dryness can be treated.
  • As the elasticity of the skin will increase, a feeling of youth appears.
  • Pyogenesis at the stage of development is prevented.
  • Acne spots that cannot be removed lose their darkness and begin to lighten.
  • Cellular aging is prevented.
  • Due to hyaluronic acid, your moisture balance is provided and a richer ingredient is brought to your skin.

How is Jalupro Youth Serum Applied in Our Center in Turkey?

Injection method is used for Jalupro as well as for many serum applications performed in the clinical setting. First of all, a local anesthetic cream is applied 45 minutes before the procedure to cause numbness in the skin. This cream, which was applied before the procedure, is cleaned and jalupro youth serum is injected into different parts of the face with special micro-needles and delivered to the skin layers, starting the regeneration process as of that moment. It is a painless application and takes an average of 20 minutes. After the procedure, slight swellings may occur on the skin, but they disappear completely 4 hours after the application. With the right clinic and the right doctor's application, the probability of bruising the skin during the procedure is almost zero.

While many serums on the market are used by applying to clean skin, it may be wondered why it is given by injection into skin. Jalupro youth serum, unlike other serums, has therapeutic properties. The product, which draws attention with its ability to renew the building blocks of skin cells and to act quickly, becomes more effective when injected under the skin.

How Long Does Jalupro Treatment Take?

Generally, 4 sessions are recommended for the Classic form and 2 sessions for the HMW form. Application sessions can be increased or decreased only with the decision of the doctor.

How Many Times a Year Can Jalupro Serum Treatment Be Applied?

The time elapsed after an application of Jalupro Classic or HMW is important. If the treatment has been applied to the face, at least 6 months should be waited for the second application.

It should be kept in mind that repetitive procedures may cause skin allergies. According to the expert advice, you can get the same service from the clinic again after the waiting period of 6 -12 months has expired. It is known that serum applications that you will make regularly, considering the waiting period, are more beneficial for your skin. 

How long does the effect of Jalupro Youth Serum last?

With the right number of sessions to be applied and the full application of the treatment, its effect increases and its permanence continues for an average of 1 year. With a session renewal every 6 months, the permanence can be extended even more.

What Should Be Considered After Jalupro Serum Application?

The fact that the care provided in the clinics can yield positive results is related to the meticulousness shown after the application. Things to consider after applying Jalupro serum are as follows:

  • The serum fluids injected into the face locally create a clumping-like appearance. It takes 24 hours for the lumpy appearance to pass. During this time, it is important not to squeeze the lumps, scratch the face severely, or not be hit. 
  • It is necessary to be protected from hot weather for at least 2 days. Otherwise, the serum, which has not yet fully penetrated the skin, may lose its effect. 
  • After applying Jalupro youth serum, do not take a shower immediately. After completing the waiting period specified by the specialist, you should not take a shower with hot water. 

What are the Complications of Jalupro Youth Serum Application?

When working with the right specialist and clinic, the probability of a serious complication is very low. Jalupro youth serum does not contain substances that will cause side effects. Complications to be seen consist of some redness and bruising that will be seen with the effect of the needle. These complications won’t be last long, either.

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