Lipolysis application is an aesthetic application with proven reliability and frequently applied in our clinic in Turkey. With lipolysis applied for regional thinning, a thinning of up to 16 cm is achieved in a single session in the area where the fat layer is too high. Lipolysis treatment is a permanent method and, contrary to popular belief, it does not create disadvantages such as sagging or tissue loss.

What is lipolysis?

Lipolysis is actually a term that literally means breaking down fat. Cryolipolysis, on the other hand, is a regional slimming method that uses high degrees of cold to break down fat. 
Through a special device, it is ensured that the fats are destroyed, the masses are broken, and are reduced. It is used for the breakdown of fats that are stored in the body and usually accumulate locally. It can be effective with a single session or several sessions can be applied. In the method also known as laser liposuction, the fat tissue in the body is melted by heating with laser beams transmitted by a cannula. It can also provide tightening by heating substances such as collagen in the tissue. Also known as Smart Lipo. With the developing technology and time, devices that provide rays of different wavelengths have emerged.

What is Cryolipolysis and How is it Applied?

The name of the device used in the procedure is CRYO lipo. Before the application, the device is placed on the area where the person desires a thinned appearance and it works by breaking the fat by exposing the fist-sized, 360-degree fat tissues held by vacuum caps to cold, gradually from the circumferential and peak points. The process takes minimum 45 minutes and maximum 1 hour and a cold temperature between -3 degrees and -7 degrees is applied. Fat tissues killed by the freezing method are removed from the body through lymph drainage.

What is the Purpose of Lipolysis?

The reason for laser liposuction is to make the body look thinner. Especially with the cold lipolysis application, regional fat accumulation is tried to be resolved. In order for lipolysis to be performed, people must be suitable for the treatment. Lipolysis is a method that provides regional thinning and reduces fat masses by breaking them. For this reason, it is often preferred. Although it may seem like enough on its own, it should definitely be supported with exercises and a nutrition program. Smart lipo has a truly transformative effect. It is also very useful for cellulite and can make them disappear. Thanks to Smart lipo, both the operation process and the healing process have been accelerated.

Does Lipolysis Hurt?

Lipolysis is an application that does not cause pain. Itching and numbness may be felt during the application, but this is extremely normal. In addition, it is not possible to feel any ache or pain during or after the session. There may be complications such as bruising or small swellings after the procedure, this is normal. After the procedure, our specialists can give a prescription if necessary. When the instructions of the experts are followed, there will be no problem after the operation. During lipolysis application, people should be calm and not be afraid. The application has a method that does not hurt.

Who Can Have Lipolysis Application?

It is an application that is suitable for anyone who does not have any disease or allergy, and who has completed the age of 18, male or female. In order to have lipolysis, it is necessary to be healthy and not to have diseases such as diabetes, urticaria and kidney diseases.
Who Cannot Have Lipolysis Application?

  • Those with AIDS
  • Those with cancer
  • Those with Diabetics
  • Those with addictions
  • Those with Urticaria
  • Those with Raynaud's disease
  • Renal patients 

How many days after lipolysis treatment can we see the effects?

The lipolysis effect duration is fifteen days. Within fifteen days following the sessions, differences begin to be observed in the area where lipolysis is applied. It is wrong to expect to notice the effect of lipolysis in the first session. After a few sessions or as of the second week, the effect of lipolysis begins to be noticed. After the lipolysis application, it is necessary to continue with the diet and exercise program. Neither method is considered sufficient on its own. It is important to support it with different elements to make the effect more sustainable. 

Our experts say that it is important to maintain weight after surgery. Of course, it is not possible to stay exactly the same weight, but it will not be right to gain or lose excess weight after the operation, it is important at this point to try to maintain the form.

Does Lipolysis Have Any Harms?

The lipolysis is a FDA-approved and very safe medical aesthetic method. Isn't it the right time to say goodbye to excess fat with smart lipo and Cryolipolysis methods, accompanied by our 100% customer satisfaction principle. Get a free quote from us now and say hello to a fascinating journey by designing your treatment plan together.