Mini-facelift surgeries are aesthetic procedures used on people with minor or moderate sagging of the skin. Stretching procedures, known as lifting aesthetics, can be applied not only to the areas where the person wants to achieve a more vibrant and youthful appearance, but also to the face. Mini facelift surgeries that make facial lines look firmer and younger should also be performed by experienced plastic surgeons. 

What is a mini facelift?

Mini facelift, as the name suggests, is an aesthetic application that is performed on a smaller scale as opposed to a general facelift. It is one of the ideal facial aesthetics applications for people with minor or moderate facial sagging. Thanks to evolving technology and endoscopic surgical procedures, mini facelift surgery can now be performed for any age group. Regardless of gender, some procedures can be performed according to preference or need in mini facelift surgery. Mini facelift surgery can use local or general anaesthesia, which gives the person a youthful look and makes the skin more vibrant. To make decisions for this type of surgery, it is important to be examined and consulted by experienced plastic surgeons.

Who is a mini facelift suitable for?

Those who undergo mini facelift surgery are typically middle-aged. Facial aesthetic procedures, which can be referred to as entry level, are preferred to prevent sagging and deformity in the face of the middle-aged person. Some factors are known to play a crucial role in sagging or deformation of the skin. These are:

  • Age
  • sun rays
  • Dietary habits
  • Genetic skin quality
  • Cigarette consumption
  • Stressful life

Facial wrinkles that succumb to gravity due to such factors can become a tired and old appearance over time. Mini facelift surgery can ideally be used to eliminate this old and tired appearance that occurs in middle age.

How is mini facelift performed?

Mini facelift is primarily performed by surgeons who are experts in this field. Depending on the conditions and the person's condition, facelift surgery can be performed under local or general anaesthesia. The procedure in mini facelift application works as follows:

  • An incision is made that can be hidden in the ear and extends to the scalp, starting just in front of the earlobe.
  • The length of this incision varies between 5-7 cm, depending on the size of the area to be stretched.
  • By penetrating from here, the fatty tissue that is displaced and sagged under the skin is pulled off.
  • Tissue that succumbs to gravity and sags is carried upward.
  • After obtaining a more vibrant, youthful, and taut appearance in the person's face, these tissues are fixed by suturing.

As can be seen, sagging and deformed facial lines can be restored in mini facelift surgery and an aesthetic appearance can be achieved.

What are the advantages of a mini facelift?

The advantages of mini facelift are that it is more practical than traditional facelift. Moreover, since such aesthetic procedures can be performed in a very short time, the healing process is completed very quickly. Since the bruising and oedema on the face will subside in a short time after the surgery, the person will be able to adjust to their social life in a shorter period.

How much does the mini facelift cost?

Mini facelift fees can vary depending on the clinic, the plastic surgeon's experience, and the extent of the method to be applied. If you choose clinics approved by the Ministry of Health, you can achieve the desired results with the mini facelift at the most affordable prices.