Neck lift is an aesthetic surgery performed to tighten wrinkles, sagging and looseness in the neck area. People with aesthetic concerns due to sagging in the neck and under the chin can achieve a more youthful and toned appearance thanks to neck lift surgery. It is a procedure that removes excess tissue by stretching the fat and muscle tissue under the skin of the entire neck, including the food area under the chin. 

What is neck lift surgery?

Neck lift surgery: Our skin cannot resist gravity over time due to ageing, excessive weight gain and loss, genetic factors and sagging and wrinkles appear in some areas. The said sagging and wrinkles pull down the facial tissues, distort the shape of the face and show an aged appearance. It is extremely easy to get rid of this sagginess thanks to neck lift surgery, which is availed by both men and women.

In neck lift surgeries, these fat deposits on the neck are removed by liposuction in young patients. While this procedure is called liposuction, it is important that the patient is young when undergoing this procedure. In addition, this method cannot be performed on men because the skin of the neck is thicker. Neck lift surgery is usually a continuation of facelift surgery among aesthetic surgeries.

How is neck lift surgery performed?

The classic neck lift is performed through an incision behind the ear. The incision, which is open towards the scalp, is not visible in the facial area. The sagging tissues and fat in the face and neck area are stretched upwards, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Excess skin is removed and resewn, eliminating wrinkles and sagging in the neck. 

As with any surgery, some considerations should be considered as preparation before a neck lift. The surgical technique will be explained in detail to the person by the plastic surgeon, and the patient must inform the doctor about the medications he or she will be using. As the operation is performed under anaesthesia, it is necessary not to eat for at least 6 hours beforehand. For neck and facelift surgery, the upper age limit may vary depending on the person's suitability for the surgery.

Process after a neck lift

After the aesthetic neck lift, the healing process of the surgery begins. A neck lift, which is performed with endoscopic devices and state-of-the-art equipment, should be performed in clinics under general anaesthesia. The duration of the operation is one and a half to two hours on average. To prevent blood flow, a drain is placed under the neck after the operation and remains for a day. After the drain is removed, the patient is discharged and continues to rest at home. 

When does a neck lift heal?

The recovery process of a neck lift varies depending on the extent of the patient's surgery. After the patient is discharged from the hospital following surgery, they are asked to rest carefully at home. A bandage is applied to the discharged patient if surgery was performed under the chin after the operation.

This dressing should remain for a week on average. Swelling, bruising, oedema and numbness in the neck are normal after neck lift surgery. Such bruising and swelling will go down in about 10 days, but it can take about 6 months for the skin to settle completely. 

Is neck lift surgery risky?

Neck lift surgery, which is not high risk compared to medical surgeries, can be easily performed by anyone of suitable age. Experienced doctors should be consulted to avoid risks in neck lift surgery. Since all neck stretching procedures are done completely intradermally, they do not cause any dysfunction in the person's neck area.