One-zone liposuction is basically the name for the medical fat removal surgery that allows for the permanent removal of fat that has accumulated in various parts of the body. With controlled use, it is possible to look much thinner thanks to liposuction. 

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is the controlled removal of fat cells from areas with excess fat using state-of-the-art equipment. Since the number of fat cells does not increase after puberty, these surgeries can be performed. For various reasons, excess fat increases in volume in various parts of the body and causes poor appearance.
Thanks to liposuction method, the number of fat cells in these unsightly areas is reduced and accumulation can be prevented. Therefore, liposuction is an aesthetic surgery that can be easily performed on any part of the body. Especially for people with psychological stress due to the weight that is difficult to lose, a quick recovery process can be achieved. 

For whom is liposuction used?

Those who undergo liposuction are generally those who have a sedentary lifestyle and develop improper eating habits. Depending on such criteria, the most effective body contouring aesthetic liposuction may be preferred to remove regional fat deposits. Ideal patients for liposuction are those who are not overweight and have good skin elasticity. 
However, liposuction is an aesthetic procedure that should not be used on people who are too heavy. Therefore, people who are older than 18 years and whose body mass index is at a suitable level, i.e. not overweight, can have liposuction. In liposuction applications, assistance should be provided by experienced aesthetic surgeons and the treatment should be performed in clinics with technological equipment. 

How is liposuction performed?

Liposuction application is performed with the use of vacuum technology equipment. In this aesthetic application, the regional fat and subcutaneous fatty tissue of the person is extracted using vacuum. With the help of cannulas used in this surgery, unwanted fat cells can be removed from the body. The word liposuction means fat removal. Therefore, regional fats are absorbed by your body and eliminated.

Thanks to liposuction, it is extremely easy to shape your body and get rid of the excess. Before the application, the plastic surgeon determines the individual area where liposuction will be performed and draws the shape plan with these lines. The following procedures are performed during liposuction under general anaesthesia:

  • First, 2 mm incisions are made on the skin. 
  • Through tiny incisions thin cannulas are inserted. 
  • Thanks to cannulas, stubborn fats are moved and broken down.
  • Cannulas with strong vacuum effect break and absorb regional fats and excrete them from the body.
  • Incisions are left open for a period to prevent oedema formation and fluid flow. 
  • After the application is complete, the incisions are sutured, and the liposuction area is firmly dressed. 

Healing process after liposuction 

The healing process after liposuction proceeds by wearing a specially made corset for the first 15 days. This corset, which should be worn day and night without taking it off, helps to tighten the liposuction area. In this way, the shaped area where liposuction is performed gets an aesthetic appearance. 

It is completely normal to experience edema or swelling after any surgery. You can do normal exercises and start swimming 3 to 4 weeks after liposuction. It is necessary to follow the points recommended by the doctor for fast healing of the liposuction area. Since the human body is constantly producing fat, after a one-zone liposuction, fat may reappear in that region from time to time.