Otoplasty is one of the most frequently applied facial aesthetic surgeries. In case of ears protruding from the head, stiff or misshapen from the head, the applied aesthetic surgeries are within the scope of prominent ear surgery. In general, about 5 percent of people have prominent ears, in varying degrees and types. Although it does not cause health problems, prominent ears can cause significant psychological problems as they are seen as aesthetically unappealing. 

What exactly is prominent ear surgery?

Prominent ear surgery: although it does not cause any sensory loss, the aesthetically different appearance of the ears can cause aesthetic problems and the associated psychological problems in some people. It is a preferred application in cases where the person's ear structure is more upright and outward than it should be. It is medically called "otoplasty."

A "prominent ear deformity" is defined as the fact that the ears protrude more vertically from the head than they should. Especially when the person's face is viewed from the front or back, the protrusion of the ears is clearly visible.

When is an aesthetic ear correction performed?

Prominent ear surgery can be performed when ear development is complete. It is a process that usually takes 10 years for the auricle to complete its development. However, since development is largely complete by the age of 4-5, performing this surgery at any point in life will not cause harm. Otoplasty surgeries are especially performed on school-aged children, as they may suffer psychological problems due to environmental reasons.

Is a prominent ear surgery permanent?

The permanence of prominent ear surgery varies depending on the method used by the plastic surgeon. Since different methods and applications are preferred for slightly protruding ears, there may be different results in terms of permanence. Therefore, prominent ear surgery can be both permanent and temporary depending on the method used. 

How long does prominent ear surgery take?

The duration of a prominent ear surgery is on average 2 to 3 hours. Depending on the difficulty of the otoplasty surgery, it is possible to extend or shorten this process. At the same time, the devices and techniques used during the aesthetic surgery may shorten or lengthen the surgery time. 

Can pain occur after prominent ear surgery?

It is known that many people are concerned about experiencing pain after a prominent ear surgery. However, since patients are usually treated with local anaesthesia for prominent ear surgeries, no pain is felt during the surgery. Similarly, there is no pain for 12 hours, during which the anaesthetic effect lasts. After the otoplasty is completed, there is no serious pain and patients may be most uncomfortable with the pressure of the dressing.

What is the healing time for prominent ear surgery?

The healing of prominent ear surgery can vary depending on the application. However, improvement can usually be seen within 10 to 14 days after prominent ear surgery. In this regard, the healing process can be accelerated by bandages on the ears. At the same time, it is important for the healing process to protect the ears from any bumps after a prominent ear surgery.