Medical Aesthetic Practices in Turkey

Thanks to advanced technology in the aesthetic field, it is now possible to look younger and dynamic at any age. Various factors such as advanced age, genetics, stress, nutritional disorder and smoking habit cause sagging on the face and the formation of deep lines, the skin loses its elasticity and the muscles cannot resist gravity.
One of the aesthetic interventions we apply to our patients who are unhappy with their skin sagging and deep lines but do not want to have a surgical operation is a "Thread Lift".

Thread Lift; It is a skin lifting technique applied under local anaesthesia, through special, permanent threads called “Threadlift Suture”. The procedure is completed in a short time like 30-35 minutes and the person can return to her/his social life. It can also be called a PDO thread lift or a non-surgical face lift. 

How to Apply Thread Lift Procedure in our Centre in Turkey;

Anti-allergic and Polydioxanone is applied by injecting it under the skin with the help of fine-tipped needles of permanent threads and positioning it like a net. This injected thread completely fits naturally with the body and has its healthful benefits as well as improving the aesthetic appearance. It accelerates blood flow and activates facial collagen. Thus, the face is tightened, wrinkles are removed, facial lines, jaw line become more prominent, and the nose and lip lines appear brighter. It makes the cheekbones fuller and more prominent by reshaping the soft tissue especially in the mid-face area, where sagging occurs mostly. Since it is slightly an invasive procedure, its complications are very low. It has an average lifespan of five years and must be renewed after five years.

What are PDO threads made of? It is a natural and fully absorbable material containing 82%, 18% lactic/glycolide materials, double-sided cones and 100% polylactic acid. All of these materials are certified and have been used safely in the field of aesthetic surgery for many years.

In Which Other Areas Are Permanent Threads Applied?

Permanent threads except facelift can be applied in operations such as fox eye, eyebrow lifting and neck lifting. It is also very effective as a combined treatment with liposuction, especially in sagging necks.

What is the Difference between a Thread Face Lift and a Classic Face Lift?

Thread facelift and (classic) surgical facelift are actually similar applications. However, unlike classic facelift, there are no surgical scars and complications such as bruising, oedema and swelling, which are usually seen after the operation in thread facelift and a much faster recovery is observed. 

Thread Lift procedure suitable for whom? The application is suitable for all face types, and it is a procedure that can be applied to anyone between the ages of 25 and 60 who is deemed suitable for this procedure handled by our doctors.

Is Permanent Thread Lift Safe? Thread facelift is a 100% safe and non-allergenic application that has passed clinical trials, allergy reaction tests and has undergone strict health checks by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA. 

After Care of Thread Lift Operation? 

We can list the things to be considered after the thread lift operation as follows;

  • Shouldn’t lie face down
  • Shouldn’t expose the face to intense creams and drugs
  • Pay attention to the use of mimics and not make exaggerated mimics (especially theatre actors should pay attention)
  • After the operation, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the areas where thread lifting located and maintenance should be done as recommended.
  • Antibiotics should be used and the area should be regularly creamed every day.
  • Heavy sports and exercises shouldn’t be done
  • Shouldn’t sweat
  • The sun should be avoided
  • Different operations targeting the facial area should not be applied.
  • Facial massage should not be done by hand or machine.

As long as these conditions are taken care of, it is very unlikely that any problems will occur.

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