Ulthera is an ultrasonic technique that is used to lift the face and neck area and remove sagging. Ulthera treatment is a non-surgical procedure for being a young-looking person. Shows its effect in a short time and is very safe. It is a treatment that has been used safely for many years. It is possible to say that it is very popular that is preferred to rejuvenate the skin and does not require a surgical procedure. Ulthera, also known as ultherapy, is recommended for people who want to have the procedure done in experienced and professional clinics. 

What is Ulthera?

Ulthera treatment is a non-surgical method and is applied to recover the sagging areas. It is one of the applications performed without surgical intervention among face lift procedures. It is applied to heal and treat skin that causes wrinkles or sagging and has lost some of its textural functions. It is also possible to define it as a non-surgical face/neck lift. However, ulthera treatment cannot be performed for every sagging area. Ulthera treatment can be done for the neck and face contours. Using Deepsea technology, some spots are created on the skin with sound waves. A session takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Ulthera treatment is a method that uses the focus method and is performed with advanced devices. Ulthera treatment is a treatment that shows its effect in a short time.

Why is Ulthera Applied?

Obtaining a younger appearance is among the reasons for Ulthera treatment. People who want to have Ulthera treatment may have different reasons. The reasons for Ulthera treatment are as follow:

  • Gaining a youthful appearance,
  • Remove wrinkles,
  • Obtaining a healthier appearance,
  • To remove sagging,
  • Having a bright skin are among the main reasons.

How is Ulthera Applied?
Ulthera treatment includes special devices and methods. Ulthera treatment can be applied through special devices and using sound waves on the skin. It is also a treatment that shows its effect with heat and light diffusion. The skin is not negatively affected by this application and there is no disadvantage. Ulthera treatment should be done by experts and device control should be provided. People who will have ulthera treatment for the first time should not worry and should not increase their stress level. Ulthera treatment is a safe method that is frequently used. 
How Long Does the Effect of Ulthera Treatment Last?
The effect of Ulthera treatment lasts for an average of 2 years. Ulthera treatment is usually effective for two years, but it may differ from person to person. Long-term use is possible if the person does not have a disease that will affect the treatment's duration or if they are not receiving multiple treatments at the same time.
Can You Get a Younger Appearance with Ulthera?
It is possible to look younger with Ulthera. Ulthera treatment makes the skin look brighter and healthier. Ulthera treatment also provides the person with a tauter and smooth skin. For this reason, the treatment, which provides a youthful appearance, causes the skin to tighten. Tight and wrinkle-reduced skin, on the other hand, looks younger. It is known that Ultherapy application is also beneficial for the eye area and eyelids. With the tightening of your eyes and eye contours, you will have a younger and more dynamic look.
Is Ulthera a Permanent Method?
Ulthera is not a permanent treatment. Its effect lasts about 1.5 years. However, after the completion of the first year, it begins to lose its effect. It is a treatment that can be performed again after the effect is completely gone. Anyone who wants the Ulthera method can have it done. It is often preferred because it does not cause any harm to the skin and becomes effective in a short time.

Who Can Have Ulthera Treatment?

People who want to get Ulthera treatment should be suitable for this treatment and have a preliminary session with experts. Ulthera treatment is for adults. If there is an onset of sagging, it is applied to lift the neck and face area and to obtain a tighter appearance.

How Many Sessions Does the Ulthera Treatment Take?

The majority of patients only need a single session. After a single session, the change will show itself easily. Ulthera is done in one session and takes an average of 40 to 60 minutes. During Ulthera treatment, side effects such as pain, stinging, burning or itching are not seen. Ulthera is a non-surgical and painless type of treatment.