Under-Eye Light Filler Treatment – Aesthetic Practices in Turkey

Under-eye bruises, wrinkles, fat deposits can give us a tired or bad expression. Under-eye filler is carried out for different reasons. Under-eye filler is not only done for under-eye bruises, pitting and wrinkles. It can also be done for different reasons, especially the treatment of dark circles around the eyes. It is a problem that can occur in both men and women. Our eyes and the area around them have special skin tissues. Unfortunately, this tissue has a type that is prone to deformation, it is thin. Therefore, it can be deformed more quickly. The solution is simple! Under-eye filler causes the face to look more lively and younger. Anyone who does not have problems about blood and clots can have under-eye filler at any time by making an appointment with the clinic.

How is Under-Eye Filler Applied?

We recommend that one who wants to have under-eye filler should have information about the filling material used and the expertise of the person who will do the application As Attelia Health Tour, we work with brands that are recognized and proven throughout the world.

Local anaesthesia is applied before the under-eye filling. After the local anaesthesia application, the area is cleaned and the application is started. The under-eye filler applied with the injection method is completed in a short time. Injectables include certain vitamins, hyaluronic acid, minerals, etc. There are substances that will both be beneficial for our body and eye area and improve the aesthetic appearance. These substances are fully compatible with the human body. Usually, one session of application is sufficient. The session takes an average of 15-25 minutes. It shows its effect within 3 weeks. People can quickly return to their daily life after the filling procedure. As a complication, minor redness and swelling may occur only at the injection site, depending on the situation. This complication is also temporary, it will heal in a short time.

Who Should Not Have Under-Eye Filler?

Under-Eye Filler is not recommended for:

  • Those with SLE and similar conditions,
  • Those with thyroid diseases, 
  • Those with Behçet disease,
  • Those with blood problems,
  • Those with clot problems,
  • Those with skin disease.

In cases where under-eye filler cannot be applied, different treatment methods can be applied.

When Is Right Time To Have Under-eye Filler Done?

Under-eye filler is one of the best aesthetic applications for complaints such as under-eye bags, wrinkles and bruises.

It is recommended by experts to wait until puberty is over in order to have under-eye filler done. For adults who have completed adolescence, having under-eye filler makes the procedure more permanent, and its effect is seen for a longer time. Therefore, it is an application recommended for adults. The effect of under-eye filler lasts for at least 1 year. In some cases, it has also been observed that its effect lasts longer

Is Under-Eye Filler Good for Under-Eye?

As a treatment for under-eye bruises, under-eye filler can be applied. It is also good for bruises under the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes. It is a frequently used method for the treatment of under-eye bruises. It is the first choice of many people because it has a longer usage time than other methods. The benefits of under-eye filler are quite a lot and show its effect in a short time after the treatment. Under-eye filler is a treatment that can be applied to many people.

Does Under-Eye Light Filler Remove Wrinkles?

There are many methods used in the treatment of under-eye wrinkles. Among these methods, the treatment aimed directly at under-eye and around the eyes, is under-eye filler. Under-eye filler is used both to remove wrinkles and gives a more lively appearance. People who want to have under-eye filler can apply not only for bruises but also for wrinkles.

Is Under-Eye Filler Permanent?

Under-eye filler treatment is not a permanent application. It remains for at least 1 year, depending on the frequency of the procedure and the body's getting used to it. If applied with quality materials and the right methods, under-eye filler can be effective for a long time. It is a treatment that can be applied again after the under-eye filler loses its effect.

What Should Be Considered After the Under Eye Light Application?

Under-eye filler is not a very tedious or long-lasting procedure; but there are still some points to be considered after the application. After all, our face and eyes are one of the most sensitive areas in our body, and good care will ensure that the application gives a healthier result. As for the points to be considered:

  • As occasion requires, ice compresses should be applied after the treatment.
  • The instructions of our specialists should be followed and other creams should not be used, at least in the first days, except for the prescription creams given by the.
  • Very hot or very hot showers should be avoided.
  • Sports activities should be avoided for a while.
  • Excessive facial movements and excessive laughing should be avoided for three days.
  • You should not scratch the application area, even you should not touch for a while.
  • After the operation, the instructions of the specialist physician should be followed.