Upper arm lift is an aesthetic procedure applied to eliminate the poor appearance caused by sagging of the upper arm area, also known as biceps skin. Aging is the most important factor in the development of this problem. This surgery has recently become one of the most preferred aesthetic procedures and is also known as "brachioplasty" in the medical literature.

Why is an upper arm lift performed?

A saggy, loose and cellulite appearance on the arm skin causes discomfort to the person and leads to aesthetic concerns. Thanks to upper arm lift, it is very easy to get rid of this discomfort and achieve the desired appearance.

Why does the upper arm skin lose elasticity?

The main reason for sagging skin on the upper arm is aging. Apart from that, reasons such as excessive weight gain, sun exposure, loose skin tissues, fat accumulation, insufficient arm muscles, genetic traits and gravity can cause sagging of the arm skin. 

How is upper arm lift surgery performed?

Depending on the condition of the region, an arm lift can be performed using a variety of methods. The decisions of the plastic surgeon as an expert are very important in determining these methods and the area of surgery. 

Upper arm lift surgery is technically a hands-on surgery. Incisions are made under the armpit or elbow and excess skin is removed. If the person has excess fat, this fat is removed by liposuction or directly. As aesthetic sutures are placed in the incision areas, these sutures will disappear on their own over time. An arm lift, performed under local or general anaesthesia, is an operation that usually takes between 1 and 3 hours.

Is upper arm lift surgery risky?

First and foremost, it is important that the surgery is performed in the hands of the right doctor and at the right surgical centres. Like any procedure that is not performed in the right hands, an arm lift can carry risks that can threaten the patient's life. 

After an arm lift, the patient may experience mild pain for a while. This is the normal process, and the pain is relieved with pain medication prescribed by the doctor. 

Recovery process after arm lift surgery

Some problems should be considered in the recovery process after arm lift surgery. A special arm brace should be worn for at least 3 weeks after surgery and heavy movements should be avoided for a few weeks. For healthier and faster recovery, diet should be taken care of and smoking should be reduced after arm lift surgery.